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Allas vårt sociala nätverk Facebook inkorporerar nu en kampanj för att begränsa Storbritanniens CO2-utsläpp inte till 60, utan hela 80 procent.
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Kampanjens mål definieras på följande sätt:

This campaign exists to persuade the Government to set a binding target of an 80% cut in Britain’s CO2 emissions by 2050, rather than the 60% that is currently contained in the Climate Change Bill.

Please encourage all your friends to join this group – together we can make a difference to the future of the planet!

I gästboken kan vi läsa bl.a.

Andrew skrev klockan 01:47 den 30 maj 2008
I’ve signed up, but the fact is that 80% isn’t good enough either. The climate modelling from about 2 years ago tells us that 80% reductions (corresponding roughly to 450ppm CO2eq stabilisation) gives us only around a 50:50 chance of avoiding warming beyond 2 degrees.

Our aim should be to virtually eliminate use of fossil fuels, and we should aim to get there within a couple of decades (see CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain for more..)

Tim skrev klockan 03:43 den 1 maj 2008
Touche, the effect we have on cutting back is cancelled out by the governments lack of balls. As for climate change, I’m just a little sceptical. The only things that are proven is that this increase in temperature is not caused by solar activity or volcanoes. Many environmental variables are responsible for cyclic climate change. The earth has been much hotter and much colder in the past. Once it is proven that human CO2 release is the leading cause, I’ll eat my damn hat.
Jesu skrev klockan 03:08 den 23 april 2008
We have 4 years before the temperature variations will be too unbearable! What is the plan of action to speed up the system to stop people from killing our Atmosphere?
Och för den som vill finns det små söta bilder att ladda ned med den numera obligatoriska isbjörnen.
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