Lite humor, för en seg måndagseftermiddag



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  1. fogge

    ”Av plast är du kommen, plast skall du åter varda…”

  2. Adolf Goreing

    Har ni tänkt på att ett visst tyskt prestigebilmärke alltid har ett ”vindkraftverk” i fronten? Man blir ju ”Grün” av avund! Hybridfjantbilar – släng er i diket.

  3. Bim

    Adolf Goreing
    Haha. 😀

  4. Ja det blir nog trångt på den gröna bänken hos Reinfelt med Carlgren och Wetterstrand.  Kanske tricket att gå ut på den såphala stocken skulle rensa i rabatten.  Likgiltigt vem som ramlar.

  5. För oss som kopplar av med flera ljudkanaler i öronen när vi vattnar blommor och ordnar med husdjur finns i bland guldkorn platser med låga odds för det.
    -De rödgröna kan ju visa att det båta kan ta ansvar och desarmera Sverigedemokraterna, det är bara att gå ut offentligt med att 5 av deras röster kommer ligga nere under innevarande riksdagsperiod.
    Visst är det smart?
    Antigen gör de det……
    Gör de inte det.
    I bägge fall förlorar den rödgröna röran… he he he he
    Vill hucklemåna hjälpa SD, eller inte?
    Vill Ohly (som anmält utomparlamentariska åtgärder mot SD (borde inte ett sådant parti bli just utomparlamentariskt?)) hjälpa SD?
    Vilket som helst i rörans partier kan ta ansvar, alla och visa att de kan, något och visa att det kan, inget och visa att inget kan?
    Snacka om schack matt.
    Eller hur maggie och L?

  6. Korrigering ovan…
    Fumlig spontanhantering av ett tangentbord, där varken tecken eller funktion längre existerar… (det är samma som jag hällde hydraulikolja i, någon hetsig debatt från mekandet.. här med TTPP där…)
    Ett typiskt drag hos gamla gubbar:
    Vi blir allt mer förälskade i döda ting….
    Är det en fysisk förberedelse?
    Eller ren snålhet?  😉

  7. Greger

    Gunnar Littmarck #5
    Är du full eller bara trött?
    -De rödgröna kan ju visa att det båta kan ta ansvar och desarmera Sverigedemokraterna, det är bara att gå ut offentligt med att 5 av deras röster kommer ligga nere under innevarande riksdagsperiod.
    Visst är det smart?
    Antigen gör de det……
    Gör de inte det.
    I bägge fall förlorar den rödgröna röran… he he he he”


  8. Min bäste Greger.
    Vist kan flumpartierna åt det grönbrunahållet desamrea SverigeDemokraterna.
    Bara genom att proklamera att de lägger ner 5 röster denna valperiod (de har ju redan fått besked från väljarna att de förespråkar en destruktiv politik, var för inte överraska med en konstrukriv? eller har de så låg tro på valmanskåren?)
    Vad anser du min fortsatt bäste Greger? (känner ingen annan m,ed det namnet)

  9. Så här görs den bästa liveanimationen till en av väldens bästa poplåtar live at Leeds Magic bus The Who.
    Ungdomarna av idag kan så mycket och inser avsevärt mer än vad vi gamlingar har fantasi till (kanske undantaget min gubbskalle???hehehe)
    Är inte Greger och jag gamla stofiler?

  10. Pär Green

    Greger #7

    Sverigedemokraterna, det är bara att gå ut offentligt med att 5 av deras röster kommer ligga nere under innevarande riksdagsperiod
    Varför inte lägga ner alla röster!

  11. Michelangelo

    Från the
    En liten påminnelse om vad man är för och emot.
    Spännande kommentar tycker jag
    09/13/2010 02:04 AM
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    7 people
    Around the 17th century we had a cold spell (the Little Ice Age – LIA) when the Thames and other bodies of water froze in cold Winters, allowing ice fairs to be held on them. This has not been possible since the early 19th century. Therefore it is indisputable that there has been a period of warming over the last couple of centuries as we recovered from that cold spell.
    There appears to be a 60 year oscillation superimposed on the upward trend. On the last downswing that ended in the mid 1970s (while CO2 levels continued to rise) we heard portents of doom about an impending ice age. The last upswing that ended about 10 years ago generated a similar scare about global warming. One thing that stands out is that there is no anthropogenic warming signature in the temperature oscillations since the end of the LIA.
    The IPCC computer models did not predict the cessation of the warming trend, which illustrates that something is driving the climate that the models do not know about. In addition, we are once more starting to hear predictions of cooling and maybe a repeat of the Little Ice Age. Deja vu anyone?
    Computer models do not produce evidence – they only produce whatever their programmers want them to produce, in what is therefore a circular argument. So far the models have only proved that the computers are working, and that the output outside of their training data sets has been wrong every time, so far.
    Temperature and other data do not say anything about their causes. In addition correlation is not the same as causation, so neither settle anything either way
    Furthermore, there is no evidence, despite every effort to finesse it, of an increased greenhouse effect in the atmosphere (hot spots in the troposphere) that was predicted by the computer models. However, we don’t hear much about that from the warming industry.
    Meanwhile the case for the AGW hypothesis remains an argumentum ad ignorantium fallacy where it is claimed it must be true because we can’t think of anything else. This is equivalent to blaming witches for crop failures in the middle ages because they couldn’t think of any other cause.
    Unfounded fear of man-made global warming, rather than the climate change itself, is the problem.
    It had been common knowledge for a couple of years before Al Gore’s ’Inconvenient Truth’ came out that over geological time periods the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere lagged behind temperature changes, typically by 800 years, so was driven by temperature rather than causing it. His graph was therefore a falsehood. CO2 has never driven climate change, or the Earth would not have cooled as it has after every past warming episode – runaway warming would have occurred instead, a long time ago.
    CO2 is already absorbing almost all of the energy that there is to be had in the relevant bands. Moreover, it does so fairly close to the Earth’s surface. The effect is logarithmic so increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere now only has a slight effect. In addition, CO2 and the other trace gases are pretty unimportant as greenhouse gases go. The warming industry has been concentrating on the wrong atmospheric processes. Water vapour and the atmospheric processes associated with it, especially the negative feedback from the cooling effect of low level clouds, seem to be a more fruitful line of research.
    Without real (empirical) evidence of more than an insignificant amount of AGW due to CO2 the warming industry remains dead in the water. Hence the assumption of positive forcing from water vapour by the computer models, which are the only things producing a ’doomsday’ scenario. In addition, the hockey stick was one of the most spectacular scientific blunders of all time. Furthermore, there are allegations of the adjustment of data to fit theories rather than the other way round. The homogenisation of the surface temperature data was not peer reviewed. This is part of Dr Bellamy’s, ”Fiddling while the Earth doesn’t burn.”
    Unfortunately, after a huge campaign over decades, including in the education system, by many organisations with many different agendas (mostly anti-west or anti-industrialisation) there are a large number of brainwashed voters out there who erroneously believe that mankind has some control over these natural climatic changes, and where the voters go, the politicians follow, and they are not all benign beings under democratic control.
    It now appears that the cover was recently blown on a covert ’Moriarity’ organisation intent on imposing a non-democratic New World Government on the West initially through carbon rationing. It was hidden the the text of the draft Copenhagen treaty document. Such a mindset would suit ex soviet bloc apparatchiks intent on punishing us for the collapse of their beloved Soviet Union, and, of course, it was attractive to Bottler Brown and his kind.
    There is an additional and worrying factor. Unheralded in the MSM, solar observers predicted a reduction in the sun’s magnetic field about now, which has come to pass as evinced by a paucity of sunspots. In the past the phenomenon has coincided with cooling periods, including the Little Ice Age. Svensmark, a Danish physicist, has found evidence that supports his hypothesis that a weaker solar magnetic field allows more high energy cosmic particles to reach the lower atmosphere, where they enhance the conditions for low level cloud formation, leading to cooling. This has been covered in the book ’The Chilling Stars’ by Svensmark and Calder. We could therefore be looking at some real cooling during the next few decades.
    There also appears to be a concurrent solar cycle that has just peaked. It oscillated through the warmer bronze age, a cooler iron age, the warmer Roman empire, when the Romans brought vineyards to England, the Dark Ages, the Mediaeval Warm Period when there were vineyards in England during Chaucer’s time, the Little Ice Age, and now our little warm spurt. If that is correct, then we can look forward, not to warming, but to a period of cooling which should be well established during the next few years. In addition, the very low sunspot level might be the start of another Maunder Minimum, and a precursor to a repeat of the LIA. There also appears to be additional longer cycles which are linked to ice ages and warm periods. There is no correlation with CO2 over geological timescales.
    Incidentally, there may be evidence that the iron age started because a temperature downturn disrupted the flow of tin from the Far East to the Middle East, forcing metalworkers in Cyprus in particular to seek alternatives to bronze.
    The agrarian and industrial revolutions occurred in Britain while the world recovered from the LIA. The industrial revolution was predicated on two things in particular. The first was an increase in energy input by burning fossil fuels instead of wood and charcoal, where steam power in particular was the major enabler, and the second was the development and application of scientific knowledge to harness and make use of energy, through technical ingenuity that led to power weaving looms, blast furnaces, and today’s computers, for example. One direct outcome is our ability to support a large increase in the world-wide human population, an increase that is directly dependent for its existence on our increased energy consumption and our artful application of it.
    Some people are determined to ignore the bigger picture and to link the slight global warming since the 19th century to the industrial revolution, extrapolating a doomsday climate scenario despite a total lack of real evidence that one begot the other in any significant way. In particular they tend to focus on the years since about 1975 and to ignore all else, primarily because it doesn’t fit their theory. They have built an entire industry on the hypothesis. However, they cannot find empirical evidence to support their increasingly threadbare theoretical conjecture.
    The whole western lifestyle is predicated on burning fuel to produce a lot of energy. Take that energy away and our lifestyle would collapse. Without electricity, for example, everything stops – literally. By claiming that we could be destroying the world by pumping combustion products from burning fossil fuels into the air, anti-west movements can attack us at the roots.
    Reducing energy consumption willy nilly in the short term appears to mean that the size of the world-wide human population that we can support must also reduce. An analogy would be forcing agriculture back to wooden ploughs, thus reducing the food supply, and therefore the number of people that can be fed. If so, then when we talk about short-term carbon saving measures (ie reducing overall energy consumption) I would be most reassured to know that we are not also talking about sentencing people and their children to death in their millions or perhaps even billions, while dismantling western civilisation, and wasting trillions of money, all for a negligible impact on the climate, which appears to be about to cool anyway.
    Are we really doing that, and without real evidence of significant AGW?
    A false perception was created in our society that there was a defined, legitimate job to do, based on sound science. In fact the carbon dioxide global warming concept had become fixed in people’s minds as a result of relentless propaganda generated by those with a great variety of pre-existing agendas – some legitimate, some less so, for example: energy efficiency, reduced dependence on Middle Eastern oil, dissatisfaction with industrial society (neo-pasteralism), international competition, governmental desires for enhanced revenues (carbon taxes), and bureaucratic desires for enhanced power.
    Various groups banded together in an unprecedented manner behind the CO2 flag, some good, some bad, some, like HRH Prince Charles, well-meaning but mistaken, but all with their own agendas. This has generated political implications.
    Once politicians were involved, especially from the left, money followed in huge quantities. This created a ’positive forcing’ and blew the whole structure out of all proportion. A lot of people now depend on the AGW industry for their living. Worse, the EU has bought into the illusion, which is dangerous since it is not subject to democratic control. There are also a lot of ex-communist apparatchiks seeking new ways to power since the USSR collapsed, and who see democracy as a problem, not a solution.
    Another more sinister movement came to public attention as a result of the Copenhagen treaty, where the wording of the draft treaty document revealed that there is a shadowy political ’Moriarty’ group intent on establishing a World Government by exploiting the AGW scare and pretending that control of ’carbon’ on a global basis is required to ’save the world’. Similar intentions were revealed in the document published with a restricted circulation for the recent Bali conference.
    The climatology field has not yet developed to the point where it can make reliable predictions about future climate change with enough warning to allow time for useful proactive adaptations. It is therefore ludicrous to give credence to alarmist predictions over the next century.
    As a final note, if the UK stopped CO2 production tomorrow, then China’s increasing CO2 production would cancel out the sacrifice within a year. We would have destroyed our country for nothing. Other countries are laughing at the west and its AGW illusions all the way to the bank.
    As robustus in the USA pointed out, ”The fundamental science asserted by the axis of CRU, GISS, and NOAA is under fundamental stress to maintain the facade of a vibrant, compelling, actionable AGW remediation program, funded by several $Billion in dedicated research paid for by us all. Their remedial program would cost $50T and bankrupt both our countries.
    Their chimeric, utopian AGW hypothesis is fundamentally flawed, based on corrupted homogenized data, flowed through speculative models, and GIGO’d into misdirected policy formulation. Just as many people suspect.”

  12. Gunnar #9
    Gilla!  En stofil till!
    ”My generation” är fortfarande briljant inkl. stammning

  13. Pär Green

    En Lindström,

  14. Michelangelo #11
    Korrekt länk please!

  15. Ingvar, jag var i Kungliga tennishallen 1972, med Marie M och såg en föreställning.
    Förband var ett från Nederländerna… Golden Erring..
    Sen bara kom det (ändå hade farsan köpt mig Whoplattor sedan 1964…) en Rewox ställdes på en Marschall högtalare..
    Så kom allas vår Pete in med guran….
    Det var stort där och då..
    Fortfarande håller jag Pete och Rodger för den engelska popmusikens tungviktare..
    Har du hört och bläddrat i Quadrophenia..?? 25ggr?
    Vist är det samma känsla som My generation, men avsevärt mer djup?
    Ser fram emot den dag då vi möts IRL Ingvar…

  16. Michelangelo


  17. Thomas

    För alla vindkraftshatare:

  18. Labbibia

    Tack för länken i # 17
    Jag kontrar med lite tragikomisk humor…