Too much crap in the debate?

Här är ett försök att lätta upp stämningen. Tack Ove L för bidraget!
Mike Henshaw
Wed 24 Sep 08 (09:17am)
The federal governments Carbon Reduction Application Program (C.R.A.P) is about to be introduced towards the end of the year. It was developed by the Australian Recycling Systems Echelon (A.R.S.E). When C.R.A.P came out of the A.R.S.E many environmental groups suggested that Sustainable
Holistic Initiatives in Technology (S.H.I.T) should be in the C.R.A.P as well. Another group calling themselves Sustainable Thinkers In Nuclear Knowledge (S.T.I.N.K) say that there is far to much S.H.I.T in C.R.A.P as it is and any further increase in the amounts of S.H.I.T in C.R.A.P would result in the People On Opposition Payrolls (P.O.O.P) mobilising onto the streets of major cities in protest. Fathers Against Nymbys (F.A.N) Said at this point that S.H.I.T should not be implimented as it would adversly
affect their operations. F.A.N just can’t afford to take a hit at this stage.
P.O.O.P on the streets of major cities and towns has been feared by federal and state goverments since the time of the introduction of the automobile in the early 20th century. There has been a long standing
agreement that the streets will be P.O.O.P free and anything that upsets that agreement will be frowned upon by the A.R.S.E. The Heat Exchange Action Department (H.E.A.D) weighed into the debate at this point in time and consulted with the A.R.S.E about the C.R.A.P. Both the H.E.A.D and the A.R.S.E came to the conclusion that they should stop the S.H.I.T hitting the F.A.N, keep the P.O.O.P off the street and if the S.T.I.N.K got too big then they should just be reminded that even though it’s all about C.R.A.P, they should just accept it and move on.


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